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Multifunction alcohol recovery concentrator
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¡ö This equipment is mainly used for industrial alcohol recovery in industries such as Chinese medicine, Western medicine, glucose, brewing wine, starch, oral, chemical industry, food and dairy food. It is suitable for low-temperature vacuum evaporation of thermosensitive materials with small quantities and multi-species; at the same time, it can recover organic solvents such as alcohol, etc.
(1) Alcohol recovery: good ability of recovery; to use the vacuum opertaion method to improve the equipment precess. Compared with the old but same type of equipments, it has increased the production capacity for 5-10 times and the percent recovery for one-step has achieved 95%, also the alcohlo consumption has been reduced below 5%. It features small investment, high recovery efficiency and can reduce energy consumption by 30%.
(2) Feed liquid concentrated: It adopts the evaporation methods of external heating natural-cycle and vacuum negative-pressure evaporation and featues rapid evaporation speed. The concentration ratio could be 1.4; feed liquids are concentrated with no foam under full-sealed. The medicine liquids concentrated by this equipment are all of no-pollution and heavy medicine odour. It can be cleaned easily only by opening the top/bottom of heater. Easy of operation, small land area, beauty outline. Both the heater and evaporator are all delivery with a complete exterior insulation. The outermost layer of heat insulation is covered with flash stainless steel sheets to make it more beautiful in workshop. All the parts touched with liquids are made of stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) in accordance with GMP standards.
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