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SL-500-1000m3 stainless steel diacolation tank
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¡ö This equipement is suitbale for the diacolation operation in the industries such as Chinese drugs, plant, animal, food, chemical industiry, etc. Any other crude drugs can be leached by diacolation except the unorganized crude drugs such as mastic, rosin, aloe, etc. which will be soften into corporations when be touched with solvents so that it will block up holes and the solvent can¡¯t pass the drugs evenly. 

Structure and features:
¡ö This equipement consits of pointed, cone, oval end plate (or flat), pneumatic cleanout door, pneumatic working platform, etc. and features uniform distribution of solvents and esy of cleanout, etc.

Working principle:
¡ö Percolation method means that to continue to add extracting solvent into drug rough powders to seep them and then outflow from lower end. During the diacolation, solvents sink into the cells of crude drugs and solubilize lots of soluble matters, and then the concentration increases; the density enlarges to move down; the upper extracting solvent or diluted immersion liquid replace positions to form a good concentration difference, so that to make the diffusion to go well and naturally. Generally, it has the more effective action than method of impregnation; the extration will also be more safe and it can save the operation time for separating leaching solution.
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